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Carlos Bustillos (b. 1961, Havana, Cuba) is an internationally-recognized Cuban painter, who recently emigrated to the United States after a successful thirty-year career in Cuba. Prior to his emigration, Sr. Bustillos was an active member of the Association of Cuban Craftsman and Artists, as well as the National Council of Fine Arts of Cuba. Sr. Bustillos has participated in over 40 national and international exhibitions of his paintings and has received several awards for his work as well numerous honorary diplomas for his contributions to Cuban Art and Culture. His works have been displayed in private and public collections in 13 different countries around the world. A beloved figure in Cuba, his works have been chosen to adorn publications by prominent Cuban authors and are currently displayed in several of Cuba’s national cultural institutions. As a prominent cultural ambassador for Cuba, Sr. Bustillos has long desired to come to the United States to join the vibrant Cuban/Latino arts community in Miami and take advantage of the freedoms offered by life in here to achieve a wider audience for his work. Sr. Bustillos emigrated in August 2016, accompanied by his life partner and business manager.