Lori in the Studio

South Florida has it’s share of portrait artists. For some of us, focusing on the uniqueness of an individual can be extraordinarily difficult to do. So we avoid it. We leave the facial features out of the equation. Or we spend all our time on drawing our models shoes.

This does not describe South Florida artist Lori Pratico. She is inspired by those around her; who they are, their passions, their strengths and their true character. When speaking with her,  you immediately feel that she is interested and engaged in learning about the person you are.

Katya: From the INK Series

Most recently Lori has focused on two groups of works. The first series,  entitled “INK” was started because she wanted to explore what inspires women to be tattooed. What the works reveal is a phenomenal grouping of strong portraiture of women from all walks of life.

The second series is entitled “FNPERFECT”. If you ask Lori what inspired this new body of work, she responds “I want to celebrate what society labels as imperfect. My subjects are not concerned with being misunderstood. I believe that takes enormous courage and it is my honor to portray them.”

Lori is a full time artist who also has a talent for murals and faux finishes for the home or office. For more information on commissioning a portrait  or to contact Lori directly, please visit her website.