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One of the best benefits to members of SFAA is the many and varied networking opportunities that we help to create awareness for in the creative community. I’d like to give a quick example of show SFAA connections happen.

A few years ago, I met the current owners of Kevro’s Art Bar in Delray Beach. They are committed to promoting the arts, and have a pretty cool art focused location to boot. We started doing art openings at the bar, we then did a fundraiser there.  A clothing designer contact, Karen Reinstatler, owner of Pink Slip Threads agreed to get a group of models to add to the atmosphere at the event that night.

The end result? Pink Slip Threads decides they love the location and contracts to host their first year anniversary at the space the following month. Voila!  In April, 150 new patrons at Kevro’s, a great party, and exposure for the designer and the artist who opened that night to a fresh new audience!Pink Slip Threads Models