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I would like to finally introduce everyone to our new South Florida Artists Association website! This has been an ongoing project that has evolved over that last two years into a strong online community of local artists, determined to be successful in the creative field that we are all so passionate about.The SFAA is intended to bring our creative community together and educate the tri-county area about the fantastic talent with have. It’s an exciting time, with many opportunities for artists to collaborate and show their work.

One of the best parts of founding the SFAA is that I am told about so many various events and local artists that I would never have known about. I look forward to bringing them to you here, through my feeble attempts at my first blog!

Thank you so much for supporting our efforts, and please feel free to contact me directly about your work or upcoming event. I have a feeling that I will be looking for a lot of content!

Charlotte Sundquist